So one of my sisters is a nurse, and she wanted a headband with buttons so that she could attach the elastic from her facemask to it. It would eliminate the pain on her ears from wearing a mask all day. My sister doesn’t sew and has made it clear that she doesn’t plan on learning to sew. I saw this as an excellent opportunity for me to find a way to show you how you can use hairpins as ear savers. Challenge accepted, sister! I mean, I wouldn’t be Resourceful Nikki if I couldn’t think up a solution to alleviate my sister’s ear pain. And perhaps you, like my sister, need a no-sew solution to help with face mask ear rubbing. That’s fine because I like challenges!

HairPins As Ear Savers Research

I began my research. There are many cool gadgets on Pinterest out there that people have created to help alleviate the elastic pain. Some face masks tie around your head and not your ears. Isn’t it so amazing that we have a wealth of resources and ideas to share, and everyone is bringing something to the table to help maintain social distancing? I never thought I would be able to throw my ideas into the pool because I don’t have a pattern. If you are coming to my blog, chances are you are not interested in being a professional seamstress, let alone an expert crafter.

So as I was getting frustrated with not finding the solution I needed, which was a no-sew button to be exact. I had a light bulb moment! A “resourceful” idea that you probably wouldn’t have to shop for because you may already have the tools. And these suggestions are quick, easy and require no sewing or glue. Hooray!

Bobby Pins

Yes, bobby pins! Bobby pins are not just for picking locks (don’t ask); they are great for holding the elastic of your face mask. Put your mask on. Then take a bobby pin and slide the elastic in-between the bobby pin prongs. Then stick it in your hair in a point where it no longer sits on your ear.

And if you want to be fabulous with your bobby pins. You can make a design. I made an “X.” Okay, so that’s not that fancy, but I couldn’t find my rhinestone bobby pins. You may even have those bobby pins with words such as “Bossy” or “Cute.” All I am saying is that you can use any bobby or hairpin as ear savers.

Hair clips

Not just any hair clips. The snap clips for a more secure hold. It also is my substitute for the cute button headbands. So I found this glittery clip in my hair accessory draw. It belongs to my daughter, and I never thought I would find another use for it until now! Like a button, you can wrap the elastic around the “bulb” (in my case, a butterfly) of the clip. Now you can make a statement and save those beautiful ears of yours.

Hair clip ear saver hack

You can also buy clips without the decorative bulb and insert the face mask elastic into the clip and snap it closed onto your hair. I like how clips provide some pizazz because you can match them to your mask or your clothing.


Nikki, I don’t have any hair to clip anything on to. Well, have I got news for you! I was celebrating my lightbulb moment, and then I realized that I had left out an audience. Those who have short hair or don’t want to use hairpins as ear savers. How do I come up with a face mask ear saver hack for such a fantastic group? 

Some people get inspired through Pinterest…I find that my inspiration comes from trips to the grocery store. The grocery store? Yes, there is something about pushing a rickety shopping cart down the aisle of food, cleaning products, and personal care items that inspires me. Maybe I see the cost of something, gasp, and think, “I could make that using some shoe polish and a can of beans!” That doesn’t make sense, but you get what I am saying…I think. So I was in the cleaning aisle looking at carpet cleaner when it hit me. “Shoelaces!” I said as I wrapped up my shopping and headed home.

Yes, expand your face mask band by using the one thing I am sure you own – a shoelace. Take your shoelace and weave it through the loops of your face mask. Then tie it like you would tie your shoe. You can adjust it so that the elastic is off of your ears.

There you have it, my friend. These suggestions embody the true essence of my resourcefulness. You found that you can easily use hairpins as ear savers! I try to stay true to what my blog is about, and I never thought I would have something to contribute that would involve face masks. I thought I was going to have to create a pattern for a face mask ear saver, which isn’t the vision of this blog. Please share this post and help soothe someone’s ears, especially our healthcare professionals as they continue in this fight! Happy creating!