Decorating your home for the seasons seems like a daunting and expensive task, but it doesn’t have to be. You can decorate your home for fall using budget-friendly items that cost less than $5. My favorite place to go for seasonal decorations is the dollar store. The key to making expensive-looking fall decorations on a budget is being willing to “upgrade” a cheap item.

Here Are My 4 DIY Expensive-Looking Fall Decorations!

1. Fall Pumpkin Sign

You Will Need:

  • Dollar Tree pumpkin sign
  • Spray paint (any color for your sign and brown for the stem)
  • hot glue gun
  • 9″ x 9″ vinyl letter (or you can draw or paint a letter)

I repurposed this dollar tree sign to match my living room decor. I love the farmhouse look, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t have a farmhouse-style home. I took the orange sign below, removed the straw bow and silver leaf. Next, I turned it over and spray-painted it white and painted the stem brown. Why did you spray-paint the back, Nikki? So the wording on the front of the pumpkin is not smooth and would still be seen if I painted over it. 

I liked the metal leaf, so I kept it and used my hot glue gun to attach it to my newly painted side. I could have spray painted the leaf gold or any color (you can too), but I like combining silver and gold. Then, I added a silver rope I had leftover from lengthening my curtains earlier this year and tied it in a bow! 

Resourceful Tip: Look for ways to repurpose your leftovers from past DIY projects!

I have a Cricut, so I made a letter from leftover gold vinyl scrap using my machine and a lovely script font. I don’t have a Cricut, Nikki.  If you don’t have a Cricut machine, don’t plan to purchase one, and don’t have any friends who have one, don’t worry, I have a solution. You can print out a letter, then trace over it using a glue gun and wax paper. Or you can buy one on Etsy. Just in case you do get access to a circuit, I can give you access to my free template for this design.

And did I mention that the salt and pepper shakers were from the dollar tree also? They were orange, so I spray painted them white and dabbed them with gold spray at the top for some pizazz. Yes, I found that word in the book of long gone phrases!

2. Fall Word Signs

You Will Need:

  • Dollar Tree block signs
  • Spray paint
  • 2″ tall vinyl words (or you can draw these on using a paint marker)

I saw some adorable cardboard block signs at the dollar tree, but they didn’t work for my theme of expensive-looking fall decorations. They needed an “upgrade” to match my room.

Nothing new here. I spray painted three of these blocks white and then added gold vinyl using my Cricut. If you don’t have Cricut but have nice handwriting, you can use a paint pen and write the words. Use a pencil first to write your word. Find a friend to write it for you if you are nervous.

3. Styrofoam Pumpkin Stack

They scream, “a craft that your kid brings home which you put on the back shelf…way back”. However, the key to “upgrading” this tawdry trinket is giving it some depth. What do you mean by depth, Nikki? Personality, ribbons, glitter, items with texture make something simple look more expensive.  

You Will Need:

  • 3 styrofoam pumpkins from the Dollar Tree
  • spray paint ( I used white for the pumpkin and silver for the stem)
  • terra-cotta or plastic pot (small enough for the pumpkins to rest on top)
  • ribbon or string for added embellishment ( I used silver twine)
  • faux leaf (from a faux flower stem at the dollar tree)

I removed the green stem from my pumpkins, and spray-painted them white to match my decor. My sister has a turquoise color scheme throughout her home, and I suggested that she paint her pumpkins turquoise.

Next, I took a terra cotta pot and spray-painted it silver. So I already had these pots on hand. They were part of a decorating kit on clearance at Michael’s. I never used them for their intended purpose, but they work now. Maybe you have old flower pots you can repurpose. If, not you can purchase terra-cotta or even plastic pots.

Stack the spray-painted pumpkins on top of each other using a hot glue gun. Then glue them onto your pot. I spray painted the green stem silver, and I hot glued a fake leaf at the top for personality. And if you look closely, you will see that same silver rope from my curtain project mentioned earlier. I had enough left over for this project too! I used my glue gun to add it to the rim of the pot.  

4. Corn In A Vase

I was having a debate with my best friend one day about using corn in creating centerpieces. I didn’t think it could look high-end. She disagreed, and she was right. It is all in what you pair with it.

You Will Need:

  • A bag of corn
  • an electric candle
  • a cylinder vase or mason jar
  • burlap ribbon

The items for the glass filled with corn all came from the dollar tree. I took a glass vase, added corn, placed an electric candle on top, and wrapped it in a burlap bow. The total cost was $4! The pumpkin plate behind it also came from the dollar tree.

If you know how to make a fancier bow, then please do, but I wanted you to see that a simple bow works just as nicely.

I shared my decorations with my family when my younger sister asked me to show her some more ideas. I thought about using a mason glass jar to add fall colors and corn to my cabinet tops. That’s when I had a lightbulb moment! My sister had gotten married last year, and she and her husband gifted each person in the wedding party a mason jar wine glass. I use my glasses regularly, but they can make a cute centerpiece.

I took my mason jar glass, and filled with corn kernels then added two stems I purchased at Walmart for $1.97 each. Then I used my burlap ribbon to make a simple bow at the base.

What Defines Expensive-Looking Fall Decorations?

The key to creating expensive-looking fall decorations is to mix and match pieces. Don’t do a full dollar tree display. It will look like you went to the dollar tree. You know that saying birds of a feather flock together. Well, you want your dollar tree pieces to hang around items that you invested some money in to trick the eye into seeing everything as expensive.

For this setup, I have a mix of items. The white pumpkin came from Michael’s and cost $5. The two smaller pumpkins were dollar store items. The vase is part of my everyday decor, but I moved it from one spot to another. The vase is my “expensive” item that adds value to the grouping. Oh, and those are burlap flowers are from the Dollar Tree as well! I always hunt around my house for things to repurpose. Sometimes it’s a dish or a basket, but it is usually stored away because I couldn’t find a place to use it. Don’t be afraid to find that lamp in your storage space, throw some leaves around it, and add it to your decor!

My pumpkin stack pairs well with my tall vases next to my fireplace. By the way, I love vases if you can’t tell. It takes your attention away from focusing on the styrofoam and draws you to the complete setup.

I hope these suggestions add some incredible expensive-looking fall decorations to help you get started in your seasonal designs. Remember to take your time to build your fall decor inventory. Buy things at the end of the season to add to the DIY pieces you have already created. And in a few years, you will have a beautiful fall scheme. Happy Creating!